RED Academy of Soccer joins Ontario Soccer's OASL for 2019

OASL Partnership.jpg

RED Academy of Soccer is proud to announce their participation in the Ontario Academy Soccer League for the 2019 season! RED Academy has been granted Ontario Soccer ORA (Ontario Registered Academy) status. RED Academy will obtain full entitlements with Ontario Soccer. 

Read more about the OASL and the approved ORA’s.


LPTD - Long Term Player Development

RED Academy of Soccer is fully committed to the vision, goals, objectives, and strategies that have been and/or will be decided by Ontario Soccer. We believe in and comply with Long-Term Player Development as well as the frame work for Long-Term Athlete Development.

RED Academy of Soccer has fully embraced LTPD. The implementation of Canada Soccer’s 7 stage LTPD model is currently in place at all age groups. We are very familiar with the Learning Continuum and the sequential process for teaching soccer to young children. RED’s philosophy, values, and principles align with the overarching principles of LTPD. We are a player-centric sport environment with a priority on athlete wellness, individual player development, and people development. The academy foundation begins at the Grassroots ages with an inclusive approach to embrace children with physical, behavioural, or other barriers. 

The 4 Corner Holistic Development Model of Psychological/Mental, Technical/Tactical, Physical, and Social/Emotional are applicable and evident within the RED environment. We are a strong advocate for building positive, healthy relationships with both our players and families. We strive to maintain high standards, both on and off the field and build a culture of respect, education, fun, and love for the sport.

To learn more about Ontario Soccer’s LTPD, visit their website.