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Glasgow Rangers FC

RED Academy partnered with Glasgow Rangers FC in 2019

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As part of the agreement, RED Academy of Soccer will host a Rangers Soccer School program annually and send players to Glasgow to participate in their EDPs. RED will receive coach education resources, and player identification opportunities.

RED welcomed Rangers Academy coaches in the Summer of 2019 for 40 RED Academy players. In Fall 2019, RED Academy sent eight players to a Glasgow for a Rangers' Elite Development Program.

Statement from Academy Director, Peter Mackie:

"It is a dream come true for RED Academy of Soccer to partner with one of the biggest clubs in Europe. We are honoured, and extremely privileged for the opportunity to work with the Glasgow Rangers technical staff. We look forward to hosting a Glasgow Rangers Soccer School camp in August. We are committed to providing the best experience and training environment for our athletes and membership.We are serious about player/coach development and the growth of the game of soccer in Canada. Additionally, this relationship with Glasgow Rangers will provide coach education opportunities for our staff team. We are excited with the player and team identification opportunities that this alignment may provide over the next 3 years."


RED Academy would like to thank Gary Crooks from the Glasgow Rangers Football Club for all of his hard work throughout this process. Cheers, Gary!

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