“I can’t speak highly enough about Peter Mackie. I was fortunate enough to play for him and learn from him for 5+ years and I would not have accomplished what I did without him. He is one of, if not the best coach I’ve been fortunate enough to play with throughout my career both domestically and internationally.”
— Bryce Alderson, former Vancouver Whitecaps and Canadian National Team
“Peter was my coach for four years at the University of Waterloo between 2001-2004. In that time the Men’s Varsity Soccer Team enjoyed tremendous success including an OUA Championship, two berths in the National Finals tournament, and many individual accolades including several coaching awards by Peter himself. There is no doubt in my mind that Peter’s leadership, passion, professionalism, and skill was a significant factor in the team’s success. Further, the environment Peter fostered for the players and people associated with the program produced many life-long friendships. More than a decade later, I think back very fondly on the years playing varsity soccer under Peter.”
— Steve Flatt, former University of Waterloo Captain

”Work rate, intensity, passion. Otherwise known as “WRIP”, Peter Mackie embodies this definition of a true human being. Regarded as a father, coach, mentor, or friend, he was an essential figure, helping me to demonstrate the ability to harmoniously integrate academic excellence and varsity sports. Through his brilliant mentoring methods, he taught me that academics and athletics can strengthen one another in both the mind and the body; acquiring discipline and perseverance throughout the process. With all due respect, and with the highest recommendations, I have no doubt about his abilities as a top academy director. Individuals and groups will be fortunate to learn the values and principles of becoming an intellectual footballer.”
— Jae Jin Lee, Former Waterloo Warriors Varsity Athlete, Academic All Canadian & OUA All Star | Current University of Toronto Graduate Student and Varsity Athlete
“I have known Peter for the past ten years and I can tell you that he is the most dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate coach you will ever meet. He cares not only about developing your child into the best soccer player they can be, but also the best person they can be! I would strongly recommend him as an exceptional technical instructor, positive soccer influence, and most importantly, as someone who will care about your child and their development!”
— Pam Sauve, Parent- Waterloo Minor Soccer
“I was fortunate enough to play for Peter for five years at the University of Waterloo. He was an incredible coach for our team and just an awesome person to be around. His passion for the game is unmatched by anyone. I have a lot of great memories from playing under him and took away a lot of life lessons. We remain good friends to this day.”
— Mark Accardi, former University of Waterloo Varsity Athlete
“I have had the distinct honour of both being coached by and coaching alongside Peter Mackie. Peter was my coach at UW for 5 years, and when I returned to the region after another 4 years of school, he asked me to come and help out as an assistant coach. As a player, Coach Mackie pushed me to be my fittest. Training was always high tempo, small-sided games, and lots of tactics. Under Coach Mackie I honed my technical skills while expanding my knowledge of the game and pushing myself to be the best I could be. Not only did I learn valuable lessons about soccer from Peter, but he also pushed us all to be our best selves off the pitch by teaching us about responsibility, accountability, and hard work. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Peter from a coaching standpoint as well. To understand the time and effort that goes into planning training sessions and addressing the specific needs of the team and the individual player at that moment. Any player, child or young adult, would be lucky to learn from Coach Mackie.”
— Julia Callaghan, former University of Waterloo Varsity Athlete
After [almost] 15 years of knowing peter, being coached by him and then assisting alongside him, I can say he is one of the most passionate and thorough coaches around/I’ve known. His knowledge and experience of the game is clear and topped off with an unrivalled and radiating energy, making for a unique and exceptional coaching experience.
— Adam Zrebic, former Wilfrid Laurier Varsity Athlete
“As a member of the University of Waterloo team from 2001-2005, I experienced first hand Peter’s gift for coaching. Peter inspired all of us to be better soccer players and better people for that matter. His passion for the game is infectious and he has great rapport with his players largely because of his great sense of humour and the fact that he really cares about each and every player. Peter’s basic principles of work rate, intensity and passion remain with me to this day more than a decade later and as I look back to those days I’m very grateful for having had the opportunity to play on his team.”
— Robert Cerullo, former University of Waterloo Varsity Player
“Out of the numerous coaches that I have played for and with, Peter has been the most impactful both on and off the pitch. His enthusiasm for the game, his loyalty to his players, and his non-stop work ethic, enabled me to grow as a player while not losing any love for the game. He approaches training with an aggressive attitude, advocating to train the way you play, while at the same time encouraging community involvement and giving back to the sport. I enjoyed every season playing for Peter and strongly believe I grew tremendously as a player under his mentorship.”
— Adam Craig, former University of Waterloo Captain, Stanford University Graduate
“Peter Mackie was my coach for many years, and I can for sure say that he is one of-a-kind. His drive and passion for the game is like no other. He connects to his players on and off the field, intertwining laughter with hard work. He was always bringing in new soccer concepts and outlooks on the game, making learning constant. His enthusiasm to teach and dedication to get players to reach their fullest potential, is why I will always thank him for helping me be the player I am today.”
— Madi Geidlinger, current Wilfrid Laurier Varsity Athlete
“Peter was my coach (and mentor) at the University of Waterloo. While he was my coach, he taught me to look at the game from a mental aspect that I had not previously considered. Peter is very knowledgeable as a coach and mentor. I always look back at those times with respect, friendship and ever lasting memories.”
— Nick Knez, former University of Waterloo Varsity Athlete
“I played for Peter as part of the University of Waterloo men’s soccer program. Peter has a brilliant eye for the game and a passion that is unparalleled. Playing for Peter brought out the best in my abilities as well as shaped the team to create a lifelong love of the game and lasting memories. His knowledge, guidance, patience and expectations set him in a class of his own.”
— Dan Benvenuti, former University of Waterloo Varsity Athlete
“Peter’s love for soccer is unparalleled. His passion infuses into the players and coaches around him. His training regimen is aimed for players at the top level, by being grounded in hard work and fundamentals. I will forever miss the close-quartered games that work on your first touch under pressure.”
— Kamil Mroczek, former University of Waterloo Varsity Athlete